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Cleaned the engine out well. If it's not that dirty, then why use a cleaner? Using a top engine cleaner, such as SeaFoam Spray, helps remove the gum, varnish and other deposits that build up inside these areas of your engine over time. Mobil claims that . It's so versatile and works with so many different systems. Most seem to use the power brake vacuum drag and pour in very slowly so engine does not stall. Add it to the tank according to directions. Also, 3K oil changes are not recommended or needed in a gaser, not sure about a tractor engine. 0 Coyote Mustang (2011+ Models) I am not held responsible for any damage you do to the vehicle you work on. Add 1 to 1. Make sure that you know how much to add, though, since adding too much can cause more harm SEA FOAM Motor Treatment is a 100% pure petroleum product that safely and effectively cleans internal fuel and oil system components, helping your gasoline or diesel engine run cleaner and more efficiently. 2011 · I did it once and I wont do it again, no damage done to my 5. Last oil change was Mobil 1 0w40 about 9000 miles ago. I'm not sure if "Seafoam" is designed to run through 2 strokes (to provide proper lubrication,) but I've actually worked on a few engines that had internal damage due to customers running "engine cleaner" through them. Well, I used SeaFoam in my engine the other day and it definitely did something. Aug 11, 2015 Sea Foam is one of those products that has almost legendary status among mechanics. Some suggest that prolonged use will damage the engine's soft petroleum based components. I'd wait and try a couple more tanks to see if the mileage returns but I doubt seafoam did any permanent damage to anything at just 1/2 can. Reconnect the pressure regulator. Seafoam is added as a fuel additive to the fuel system. Homebrew Sea Foam (SeaFoam) Motor Treatment Recipe Disclaimer This page is not affiliated with Sea Foam or the Sea Foam Sales Company nor am I liable for how you use this information. Reset the fuel-pump switch and replace the gas cap. One of the gang at the barber shop (No its not floyd's Barber shop) suggested running Seafoam through it to clean out as much of the gunk as possible first. I was just going to store the generator with the carb full of Seafoam and hopefully pickle the engine in the process. Bohacz . Seafoam Mode: lush, wide and very musical. I would not recommend these products for high mileage cars, though. Re: Yamaha 40 2-stroke. Make sure you only add it when fueling the vehicle, this helps mix it with the gas. Hey everyone, I'm new to the forum, but I searched for this and couldn't find it anywhere. Hello FFM, The following will help guide you in the process to perform a Seafoam Engine Treatment on a 3. A lot of people just end up removing the enricher and plugging the enricher circuit with JB weld. I imagine the only harm would be you will run rich for a few seconds while the engine ingests the Seafoam. Step two. I was going to go through the vacuum line but I called the dealership and they said that it only goes into 2 cylinders and to go through the throttle body so I slowly poured it in and when it started smoking I poured the rest of the bottle in and it stalled the motor. you need fresh fuel, clean carbs, new champion plugs, check coils with spark gap tester, also replace any old dry rotten fuel lines. Disconnect PCV valve hose or brake booster line and stick in into a can/bottle/cup or 8oz to 16 oz of seafoam. David , VW Master Technician Used seafoam in oil engine misfiring determine when it misfires, and isolate cylinders. 2013 · GX345 Surging Engine Andy, Sorry for the slow response, unexpected things over the holidays. the favorite vacuum line is the brake booster line. If you let the engine suck up the Seafoam through a vacuum hose like the brake booster hose the seafoam will get all over the backs of the valves and into the ring lands. The manager suggested Cadillac CTS First Generation Forum - 2003 - 2007 Discussion, How to use seafoam engine cleaner on your Cadillac CTS in Cadillac CTS Coupe, Sport Sedan and Sport Wagon Forums; Originally Posted by txbest1980 SeaFoam is the productit says SeaFoam on the outside of the can. 12. Seafoam in the fuel tank, Mobil1 Full Syn in the final, Engine Ice Coolant in the When an engine sits inactive over the winter, the sensitive parts inside get cold and attract whatever moisture is in the air. The motor started well, and idled smoother and smoother as time went on for about 10 minutes. Turn engine on. I am reading a thread on THT about carbon build up in four stroke engines. The engine upper cam area sounded funny for about 30 seconds which made me a little nervous. So let me start off by saying I know nothing about motorcycles. Step one. I changed the oil, poured the product in and ran the engine for 5 minutes and 30 seconds exactly. 2009 · When the engine light is flashing it means you are doing harm to the catalictic convertors which are very expense for those truck and have a chance of plugging up …The Seafoam engine and oil treatment system is one of the overall best products on the market. The Seafoam engine and oil treatment system is one of the overall best products on the market. Some people use gasoline, I used Seafoam. To review what I did: I purchased 2 cans of SeaFoam Engine cleaner, there are a number of different types but you will want the engine cleaning application. . the plug color is perfect,both cylinders are just a bit warm after a long ride and acceleration is almost scary. 2012 · The Boating Forum - Seafoam vs Techron and the others. I have used it and it does clean the carbon buildup very Sea Foam is not a chemical engine flush and therefore, it will not damage internal engine components or plug the oil pick up screen. In this video I test Seafoam in a Honda Civic Si. Three years, and 9,000 miles later, I decided that maybe my engine could use another cleaning inside. 2015 · ok, my car has been sitting for 2 years without starting it but I start it today and the battery is dead and I recharge it and it just keeps on cranking and then I keep turning it on and it keeps on cranking and finally no more cranking but clicking noises, so I get a new battery and it started cranking again but the engine won't run, so I Replacing your head gasket is one of the biggest jobs you can perform on your Mercedes-Benz. Since Seafoam is made of petroleum, it is safe to mix into the oil and should not cause any damage to the vehicle. Coolant info: https://www. 04. My boat does 45mph and my son flies by me on the ski. I tend to think all these products are roughly the same, but SeaFoam didn't appear to do any harm and has made my engine oil pressure improve a little. 10. They are combustible, dilute the oil and reduce the viscosity index of the engine oil and may damage seals causing oil leaks. Sea Foam Motor Treatment works quickly, safely and effectively in all makes and types of gasoline and diesel auto and truck engines. After the success in my car I want to treat my outboard also. That's all it takes to safely flush out engine-destroying sludge, deposits and contaminants that rob your engine of power and efficiency. I've used SeaFoam system tune-up before and was not surprised that the same results was noticed The stem seals probably just dried out from sitting in the very top of the engine for 2 years with no oil flowing over them. The Berryman B-12 Chemtool is a product line that has a very long and proud history. 3. But if you want something that works a hell of alot better, try this. I have read that other members swear by Seafoam and they have told of increased engine performance after using it. 2014 · Ask Hitachi, Bosch, Delphi, and other fuel injector manufacturers if using SeaFoam in their devices is approved. Keeps mine running smooth as silk. I ran Seafoam through TB and let sit for a while. Engine Mounts: How To Inspect Mounts. I'd recently run a tank w BMW FI cleaner w Techron and largely gotten rid of the intense vibration that had suddenly appeared one day while cruising along the slab at about 70 mph/4k RPM, shocked the crap out of me, and put my feet to sleep. I don't have any evidence that seafoam did it, but I'm going to be a little more careful next time. The EPA may have allowed to have the product "registered" as an additive, but that doesn't mean it is advocated, nor approved. Soft plastic that was hot could not damage a valve. 13. Seafoam when used as per instructions on the can is safe to use on VWs. I am not saying the seafoam would damage it, but then again I did not say it won't damage it either. Users will need 2 cans of sea foam and 1 can of sea foam Deep Creep. 2007 · Buy the "Basic Engine Building" DVD http://store. What is an engine flush? An engine flush is an aftermarket chemical additive designed to clean accumulated deposits, sludge and other gunk from your engine. Many things cause pre-ignition and correction always depends on finding and correcting the cause(s). Treating every 50-100 hrs with Seafoam is also a lot less expensive than running the fuel additives on an ongoing basis. Carbon buildup is a potential problem but with a proper design and proper care it doesn't have to be a problem. As for damage to an engine, I don' see it. I figured since it was an old bike with such low miles it had to have been sitting for awhile. This probably doesn't help, but I chose to use SeaFoam on my near 130K '90 GSX. 14. Google has many special features to help you find exactly what you're looking for. 2010 · Re: Engine missing - Making popping sound ? RPM around 1100 in the drive way on muffs, should be around 900 in the water. If you go back to regular fuel, your engine should run OK. Once the entire can of Seafoam is empty the engine should be turned off and left to sit for 5 minutes. Every engine is different, places to add the SF different, etc. It's main goal is to teach you how to repair an engine that has been improperly stored. Try dumping out all the gas and running some straight seafoam through it. Sea Foam cleans and dissolves petroleum residues and harmful deposits throughout fuel and oil systems, adds lubricity and corrosion protection to engine parts, stabilizes gas and diesel fuels, controls small amounts of moisture and preserves ignition vapors. Begin by opening the gas cap and pour 1 can of sea foam into the fuel tank. To clean carbon deposits from air intake systems, intake valves and combustion chambers inside the engine, including GDI engines, Sea Foam recommends using Sea Foam Spray Top Engine cleaner and lube (Part # SS-14). However, sometimes the problem is trivial. If you were to choose between BG 44K and Seafoam for your diesel engine, I would recommend that you settle for Seafoam. If tank is larger than 20 gallons, it is okay to add two bottles, you cannot over-treat . Step five. Love is in the details. They are all names invented by the manufacturer, and none are the common chemical names of the ingredients. On your high mileage engine, your smoke is likely coming from ring wear or valve guide seals. Seafoam Engine Treatment for Gas and Oil - AxleAddict Seafoam is an additive that basically functions as a fuel system cleaner as well as an oil system cleaner. I want to get away from the oil based cleaners that really do more harm than good. Seafoam oil is made up of only petroleum ingredients. I have never ruined a cat or O2 sensor by Seafoaming. Q My '03 Mazda MPV with 125,000 miles has the Check Engine light going on and off the past few weeks. Wait 20 to 30 minutes. Engine block sealer can provide a temporary or even permanent repair to a small leak in a head gasket. There are many similar products. If your car, boat, lawn mower or anything with a gas engine isn't running right, do the suggested internal cleaning process through its intake & you will be amazed at the difference. One main cause of a damaged catalytic converter is installing a new converter on a vehicle with fuel system problems which will result in failure of the new converter. Radiators keep the engine cool by transmitting the coolant through the I've read that SeaFoam goes 1/3 in gas tank, 1/3 in crankcase, and 1/3 into the intake manifold while engine is running, then shutdown and let it "soak". I recently helped my sister-in-law by replacing the leaking water pump in her 1998 Dodge Intrepid with the 2. Not sure how a diesel will like that, as it will immediately see it (a hydrocarbon) as fuel, and try and use it to run on. My 95 xp now flies like a new machine after only a concentrated seafoam treatment. A cleaner engine is a happier engine that will perform better and give you less problems. 201715 Apr 2010 I'm doing a tuneup on my Freecar Altima, and it has 171+ thousand miles on it. Seafoam essentially pure petroleum and is essentially an organic solvent that you add to the fuel help remove built up carbon deposits that can form on the pistons and head. Funny you should mention SeaFoam. this half a can will be used to clean out your cylinder banks. If it's got wheels, treads, floats, flies, or has an engine your good to go. From what I have read, because of the Crankcase Ventilation being routed to the intake, vapors from the oil are deposited on the intake valves. If its an older engine, putting any kind of "oil cleaner" in might possible dislodge some build-up and clog an oil passage. - Seafoam has quite a following in searching this site. Warning notes: Likely due to incompatibility with ethanol fuel blends, we have received the most reports of engine damage caused by a gas additive from those who used PRI-G and Ezorb. Drain your old oil out, old Specifically, does seafoam clean carbs well and without having to take them apart to clean them? I am looking to do some preventive maintenance and was just wondering how it has worked pertaining to small engine stuff, ie. 05. Have a 2000 Cherokee that is running fine but a friend told me to use Sea Foam in gas and engine to "clean" it up. Re: Seafoam Ruined My Engine?? It's not a silver bullet. a poormans method is use an infrared temperature gun (one with high range, 700 degrees or more is preferable) and with engine held at rev(say 2500) point at each exhaust port 1 by 1, misfiring holes have colder exhaust than firing holes. Step four. Marvel Mystery Oil is a product of the Marvel Oil Company, founded by Burt Pierce. Here's how to use Sea Foam Motor Treatment the right well, heres what happened I finally got my hands on a can of seafoam yesterday and couldnt wait to put it into the car. I suppose it could be a coincidence with a regional switch to winter gas formula. I cut a water bottle in half so I can watch it easier. Engine Repair restores lost compression and power, reduces noise and oil consumption, while improving the performance of worn cylinders, rings, bearings, and seals. Ive seen loads of Seafoam threads on here but i dont think ive ever heard anyone ask about using it too much I used it on my XJ back in the summer and did not see a lot of results, it ran a little better but not a whole lot. I added the correct amount of Sea Foam to the engine, and I ran it for 100 miles. For best results pour one bottle in before adding fuel. Those are the ones where the electrical mother in law thinks that further driving will damage something Running an Engine Backwards, Will It Damage It? I am embarrased to say this, but because of a dead battery my son attempted to push start his 2. 11. The instructions on the back of the GM can says: "get engine to operating temperature, introduce Top Engine Cleaner through a vaccum source(i personally prefer PCV line or brake booster line), introduce approximately 2/3's can into engine. he told me it was safe for me to drive the truck now that it had oil pressure but that the engine could seize at any time from bearing or ring damage. Open the oil cap and pour only half of the other can sea foam into it. boxwrench. Get a gallon of Gumout engine flush, a new filter. If engine has spark and compression, pour a small amount up to 1/2 ounce into the carburetor throat. Abnormal combustion, more commonly known as knock or detonation, has been the limiting factor in internal combustion engine power generation since the discovery of the otto cycle itself. I’m hoping that with the fluid sitting for a couple days it has eaten through the blockage, assuming it is a blockage. After a few hours of fishing , the engine ran better than it probably had in years. The general consensus in my realm is that Seafoam should be run through the engine twice; first time to clean the engine, second time to clean your O2 and plugs. Motor Medic Motor Flush Works in 5 minutes Five minutes. While it does have a bit of isopropyl alcohol, it can't/won't damage your motor in any way. 07. DIY Seafoam Engine Cleaning You can do some seriouse engine damage like bent valves if done wrong. Product Reviews - Sea Foam do you want the truth? - Okay, I am putting this in two places, and on other sites, as I don't know where it should officially go, but i want as many peeps and homies as possible to read this. There is a product that is more user friendly. The engine started pretty easily and after several minutes of uncertainty, the motor settled down and idled well. I recently used seafoam on a 8 year old engine in the oil as a cleaner and I could not be happier! I gained roughly 10% power back that I didn't realize I lost. com site is an introduction to the repair and maintenance of 4-cycle engines. I have run Seafoam in my Boily Genny for 2 seasons now. Take 2 automotive paint cups and add some Seafoam and B-12. It really was just an accident. When fuel stabilization and engine fogging is needed – fuels of today become stale in less than thirty days. If your engine has a fuel plug then you will also need a fuel plug on the smaller tank's hose. In my car I just added the can to about 8 gallons of gas. I don't put it in the motor oil just as a fuel Seafoam Motor Treatment is a popular engine cleaner for rotary engines and can help free stuck seals within the engine that may have been caused by carbon build up. Left untreated pre-ignition can severely damage an engine. Run the engine 15 minutes at the dock or just cruising around under 2500 rpm's. Engine running, take a vacuum line of the brake booster that runs to the intake manifold, put the hose into the Seamfoam can being careful not to over flood the engine. Take your time and follow this step-by-step article to a successful head gasket replacement. Seafoam motor treatment is one of the most trusted treatments of the engine. The mechanic advised strong Seafoam mix, so I used 1 gallon of gas with 16 ounces of Seafoam. If the damage to the head gasket is too serious, however, it will have to be replaced by a professional. Can Seafoam damage an engine, especially a high-mileage 29 Jan 2014 For you doubters of the damage Seafoam can do to an engine, below is my edited (for spelling), first person Seafoam experience (i. : NOT a “friend of a friend of a friends car that blew up" story). May 26, 2018 When ready, remove oil filler cap and simply pour the recommended amount of Sea Foam Motor Treatment directly into the engine crankcase. you can go back and edit a previous post with out making 3 with out anything in it besides "edit" To view links or images in signatures your post count must be 10 or greater. There should be a gap of 3/8 to 1/2 inch there. GM has top engine cleaner which is the same thing as Sea-Foam and does the same thing. Seafoam has always worked great for me and has never caused any issues. You need to add something like "Stay-Bill" to it, before storage. Literaure on the cleaning does not really say how this can be prevented. Made from petroleum ingredients, Sea Foam is safe and effective when used in any gasoline or diesel engine. Help your engine run smoother and last longer! Sea Foam works in fuel and oil systems to clean and lubricate critical engine areas. Shut the engine down and let it sit, start it up and run a bit more through. Gas can be kept for 2 years with absolutely no issues what so ever. Seafoam is a brand of engine treatment that will push its way through the passages where oil flows. Do you suppose that the solvent in the seafoam gave the sensor a bogus reading? It seems like that is the case, what are your opinions? Thanks in advance. I can't say for sure it was the sea foam in the fuel that was the magic "pill", but it sure worked. Sea Foam products are probably some of the most well known in the whole industry. Seafoam engine treatment injected into a vacuum line to perform top end cleaning When added to the gas tank, Seafoam engine treatment is applied to the back of the valves by the fuel injectors (in non-direct injection vehicles). With engine warm, keep on high idle and slowly pour one ounce through carburetor throat. The only thing it can do is foul out the spark plugs. It takes its inspiration from the classic games of the 8 and 16-bit eras, when physics were 100% stable, digital, and videogamey. It is used as a fuel additive , oil additive , corrosion inhibitor , penetrating oil , and transmission leak stopper and seal relubricator. Regularly use Marvel in your oil and fuel for a smoother, quieter engine. Won't take much since the volume of fuel is not a lot Seafoam is a top notch cleaner, BUT remember to FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS ON THE CAN. Shut down engine. com/watch?v=s1OlrdloSzo How to properly check yo Probably no damage was done. Just fork over the dough to fix the underlying cooling problem. I'm betting that the 'damage' to the plastic parts was done by 'ethanol' in the fuel system BEFORE you ever added the 'SeaFoam' to the engine. The excessive pressure developed can damage pistons and cause head gasket failure. Engine damage does not always occur when the valve sticks, but the longer the engine operates in this condition, the greater the chances are that some damage will occur. I've never felt comfortable flushing all of the intake manifold crud buildup through my intake runners, the inlet valve passages, and into the O2 sensors / catalytic converter. By Ray T. Then to compound matters, you added god only know what else. I don't know how the seals in the engine would take to BD, but likely not any worse than the other solvents that are hyped as an engine cleaner. The core of Rex Engine is a custom 2D physics engine which focuses on flawless precision. I threw in a couple gallons of premium (91 octane around here) and a can of SeaFoam to hopefully help though. If it’s still there after using the SeaFoam equivalent, it may be camshaft lobe(s) is/are worn. Once all these are Seafoam is oxygen (LAMBDA) sensor safe and can be used in a variety of ways, including adding the the fuel tank, or the most popular way on the rotary engine is to introduce a small amount undiluted in to the engine through the intake vacuum nipples found on the intake manifold of the rotary engine. Adding extra dope or cleaner will break down the lubrications of good engine oil. DON'T PANIC when the engine starts to rev high. What ends up happening often is that the enricher sticks in and the passages varnish up, but then the seafoam clears this and gas gets through. How Is A Catalytic Converter Damaged Catalytic Converters do not fail on their own. in order to do this, we need to locate a vacuum line to directly feed the seafoam into the engine. The mounts should keep the front of the engine oil pan off the rubber bumper on the frame cross member. Don't go by what I'm saying to the T. I just picked up a can a couple of weeks ago to run through my truck. Keep the engine rpm's up so that the engine doesn't die. Perform a Seafoam treatment every 18,000 miles, or every sixth oil change. Same idea. Threads Tagged with seafoam . 7k miles. The engine is running pretty rough, and I've got a constant (and occasionally flashing) CEL going. refill with good premo gas and quality synthetic two-stroke oil ( I use amsoil ) If its leaking and has a lil sludge build up like you said, Seafoam wont hurt it a bit. see my video Top Five STA-BIL Product Myths Debunked. I think the water in Seafoam may be a major factor in removing the carbon. When used sparingly, Seafoam (or the like) can remove deposits. If you are really concerned about damage, get an engine flush service done. On the other hand, if it is doing serious and heavy damage to the "expensive" porsche engine, then it probalby should not be done. 3 letter engine. You’ll waste your money and risk permanent engine damage (a minimum $1,000 repair) simply by driving around waiting to see if the additive works. Holding an engine at that kind of RPM (that is any engine) for extended periods of time is not good for it. You need to follow directions when using but if you are just putting it directly on the surface to break down the carbon deposits you are probably safe as long as it isn't near a heat source or it won't drip onto something that the solvent can damage. I bought a used 06 suzuki, with 1. Sea Foam® is a pure petroleum blend with no chemical additives and is safe for long term cleaning or short term pre-service cleaning. I would believe it did no damage but probably helped by cleaning it out of crud. So after 30 mins of flogging the car around I can only assume that it has met a fiery turbocharged high rpm demise. I wouldn't run it more than an hour or two before an oil and filter change. Its a great cleaning agent and works amazing. When the light comes on the engine revs are limited to protect the engine from potential damage. i hope this isn't just Some people swear by Stabil, but, my small engine shop swears by Seafoam. I'm presuming you mean seafoam. I really hope i didnt do any damage, im gonna try it again tom the right way, anyone know if i cuda done any damage to my engine putting seafoam into the tube that goes dir into the valve cover In this video tutorial, viewers learn how to sea foam a vehicle. Here in Montogery and Harris county we have ethanol in all our gas and I really hate that stuff. I've been using it for over 6 years now and only wish I'd known about all of its BENEFITS earlier than that. It could fire early and indeed cause damage. Due to the temperature in the combustion chambers, you have no control on the timing of the ignition of the Sea Foam. 4 but the seafoam acted very quicky and within 200kms after putting 1/3 a can in my oil was black. You can use it to remove buildup in the engine, fuel injectors, or oil system. Like virtually all OEM vehicle manufacturers, Toyota does NOT recommend Sea Foam, or ANY other aftermarket treatments or "additives" like it for use in fuel or oil or direct introduction to the air intake. The little plastic cup thing that comes on liquid medicines is a perfect size for measuring it out too! So, lower grade fuels can cause buildup in the engine. There is more to it than just flooding the engine with it. Engine block cylinder walls are bored and power honed, cylinder head mating surface and block mating surface are machined, engine block is line honed,crankshaft is magnafluxed, turned (max. The problem I saw was revving the engine like you did. You may think you are doing it slowly, but within in a few seconds, the damage can be done! Either way, it was a high mileage engine, it was making a noise, and it became an actual problem after running seafoam through it. I just uploaded a video I made on how to use Deep Creep (made by SeaFoam) to clean out your engine. Just exactly did the mechanic determine there was “a lot of carbon buildup in the engine?” This is a subreddit for asking Mechanical questions pertaining to vehicles, engines, etc. 5 ounces of Sea Foam to each quart of crankcase oil for all it does NOT include detergents or chemicals that can harm your engine. among the information i learned was that his assistant used seafoam introduced through the intake manifold to remove the valve carbon. Using Seafoam in oil and gas. Using Seafoam in your engine is not a problem. I was neither told about any problems with this vehicle nor Answer: Nothing in writing (TSBs) from Dodge on the subject, but the "Hemi tick" seems to be a common grumble from Hemi owners. If it starts to stumble, slow the flow and let it stabilize. It gives you the lush sounds and tone of a vintage BBD analog chorus unit. This is expected. Every car is different and some common sence is needed. It worked fine and I actually did it a second time a few months later. Since I just bought a Yamaha F300 for my boat. If you have an engine with oil varnish deposits, I have had good success with Rislone oil additive. The parts store's scan tool found a code for catalytic converter issues. The seafoam drained past the oil rings. 06. I was using seafoam because I had suspected that water had entered my gas tank either from a loose gas cap or from bad gasoline at the pump. You are suppose to stall the engine for 5 to 10 minutes with seafoam in the heads to allow it to work. Having been around for more than 70 years; The Sea Foam company has had plenty of time to refine their products to the highest standard imaginable. 25. accident damage, Does it really work or How to Use Seafoam. The check engine light is probably on for either a misfire detected or the O2 sensor were forced rich too long. First of all, SeaFoam has its uses as a cleanser, solvent and gas stabilizer, but how you use it is critical. It's been doing great since I used the Seafoam and my Service Engine Soon light has gone out. That is why B-12 is 1 oz per gallon and seafoam is 2 oz per gallon. I have had Sea-foam in the same paint cups for days with no damage. Audizine Forums > Main Model-Line Discussion > B5 A4 > HOW TO: Seafoam Fuel system, crank case It is very important you do so or major damage to the engine may If you overuse such products you can damage your engine by promoting metal to metal contact. Engine treatment with SeaFoam - izzo @ google - After using SeaFoam, it is recommended to change your oil, although it is a leave-in treatment. KEEP IN MIND THIS IS CONCENTRATED. No, the chemicals used to make Seafoam additive are safe to be used inside an engine and will not damage internal seals or rubber gaskets. The original oil enhancer AND fuel treatment cleans the engine from the inside out, increases fuel economy, and protects against temperature extremes. I especially like to use Seafoam for storing generator gas. The Seafoam engine and oil treatment system is one of the overall best products on the market. You pour it into your engine’s oil-filler port and idle the engine for about 10-15 minutes. Reports state fuel thickens, gels-up and clogs carburetor and filters. The use of an engine oil additive is not recommended, either by Mobil or by virtually any vehicle manufacturer. Thread / Thread Starter. I too used Seafoam and it fouled my plugs also. Yea, that is my biggest concern, if the benefits or "said benefits" of seafoam are going to outweigh any damage I could do to my car. com/how-to-add-sea-foam-motor-treatment-to-gas-and-diesel-crankcase-oilMay 26, 2018 How Much In OIl ICON. 02. S. For example, you can add SeaFoam to a can of gas to keep out moisture and stabilize the fuel. It also turns out that I've got about 3/4 of a tank to burn through before it'll get any really good gas. And after one look at our Buddy 50 scooter, you’ll be ready for a serious commitment! This vintage-inspired scooter comes in a variety of retro colors yet has plenty of modern features that include: under seat storage, a charger for your cell phone or iPod and a grocery bag hook. “ The Gumont Multi-System Tune-Up came in a container similar to SeaFoam and looking at the indication of use I realized it was basically the same thing just with a different packaging (even the bottle is the same dimension and closure system). This cleans any sludge out and washes it into the oil pan, where it can be easily drained away. It has a long history of use on motorcycles, autos, and aircraft engines for de-carboning. Briggs & Stratton's Advanced Formula Fuel Treatment & Stabilizer is the latest in fuel additive innovation, which aims to stop the harmful effects associated especially with ethanol blends, which account for nearly 90% of all fuel sold in the U. I failed an emissions test, found out about seafoam on here, ran some through a vaccum line, enjoyed the smoke display, went back 2 days later to the same garage for a second etest, and passed with flying colours. After about 10 minutes of highway driving the engine light came on, when I got home I pulled the code and it was a bank 1 o2 sensor fault. This is just a personal preference and observation. Start the engine, let it warm up and start pulling the mix into the engine. but I know first hand it solves some problems. Seafoam serves a variety of automotive purposes. The presence of lifter noise in an engine can be the symptom of a much greater damage to the engine. 0 injection. Good clean engine oil and a good filter on a regular basics and proper tune up is all the engine needs to keep it running good and stay clean for well over 200K. weed trimmers, hedge trimmers, push mowers. The Seafoam Mode of the pedal has an LFO, the regularly cycling part you hear in most every other chorus unit. " There may be a few instances where an engine flush is required, but be aware that engine technology has progressed to the point that many newer vehicles not only don't need and engine flush, they may be harmed by the procedure. If you don't run the engine, the stabilized fuel won't get into the carburetor so it can't do its job. 7 Cyclone or 5. If you seafoam your engine, you'll almost always get that white smoke. The 2nd time the CEL came on and the code was PO300. This is why, like every other fault you may face, prevention is better than cure. You can remove the valve cover, and measure (and compare) how much each intake valve stem rises, and how much each exhaust valve stem rises as the engine is rotated by hand. Seafoam is unlikely to damage anything, but I doubt it will cure your problems. ok i actually put the seafoam directly into the vacuum line that goes into the valve cover not the plenum. The best practice is to use 1. If you feed too fast, engine will choke and cut off. Go for a spirited drive. Seafoam is one of the “snake oils” that actually works. In this video, I remove the cylinder head before Seafoam treatment to determine carbon buildup amount and then after Seafoam to determine if it worked. I was thinking about the engine rebuild on this tractor, it runs but definitely needs to be rebuilt. I'd hesitate to put it in the oil though, again based on my experiences with motorcycles. I will manage another winter a I dont really like knuckle busting when the temp gets below 45 degrees. Caution advised. If you pour seafoam into the vacuum line too fast it may kill the engine and you'll have to restart. will it work for you, Possibly. Probably did some damage to the bearings, but the engine does have 180,000 miles on it so I can't complain if it gives up the ghost in the near future. net/Basic-Engi Basic Engine Building DVD - Chapter 49: Valve Lash Adjustment You should have done this Motor Medic Motor Flush Works in 5 minutes Five minutes. I couldn't notice that it was helping the surging, if I was doing it correctly. How to turn off Check Engine Light / Engine Management Light ( EML ) on Honda Acccord VTEC 2. Ethanol-blended gas is especially prone to deterioration, leading to rust in the fuel tank, corrosion, gum build-up, and even severe engine damage. Where should I use Sea Foam engine products? Use in gasoline and diesel fuel, oil crankcases, gas and diesel fuel filters, gasoline induction systems, automatic transmissions, hydraulics and power steering systems. Sea Foam is also widely recommended for engine oil crankcases for cleaning oil residues and drying moisture as a pre service cleaner, after service additive or problem solver for oil residue related problems. IN 15 minutes The B-12 will eat the cup. I have a 2000 ford econline 150 with 240000 I decided to seafoam it yesterday. Also adding something to the fuel doesn't help it AFTER it's been sitting. Once removed, feed the SeaFoam into the tube. Sounds like you had a O2 on it's way out to begin with and getting cleaned just helped it to fail a little sooner. If you use a synthetic oil, such as Mobil 1, you are advised not to use any engine treatments or additives. ” – 2003 DaimlerChrysler owner’s manual * “Using supplemental additives is generally unnecessary and can even be harmful (emphasis added). SEA FOAM will act as starting fulid and will start the engine unless there is a mechanical or electrical problem. Can't get a pic but if you take off the engine cover, on top of the engine on the valve cover (black platic top of engine) on the left side at the corner there is a line that comes out pointing forward. It was a good way to clean out the insides on older motors but I've heard mixed things about using it on newer vehicles. I performed the "soak" using "Seafoam Engine Treatment" via the brake booster vacuum hose. The Causes of Internal Engine Knock, and How to Eliminate it. Engine Repair contains a combination of the best performance additives to repair the most common oil-related problems. The Sea Foam did what it promised: it dissolved the varnish, and sludge inside of my engine, and my transmission. , so a blanket procedure is not possible. The Ford 300 I6 pulls heavy weight up steep hills with ease. By doing this, it will help the vehicle's engine to last longer. The BG can be added to the fuel tank, but there is also the 3 stage system which is similar to how the Seafoam is used. And it also allowed me to buy my new car. It's a bit more expensive, but testing seems to show AutoRx removing deposits that were left after the recommended Seafoam treatment. I was just wondering if there is any chance it can cause harm to my engine. Thanks for the tips, guys! Sounds like the SeaFoam was cleaning a lot of crud out based your white smoke report. As for product names, Techron or Seafoam are no more worthy of recognition or use than Ring Free, Engine Tuner, or Carbon Guard. On a side note. I heard about this the other day, from a friend of a friend who said he did it as a prank, and I just want to know if it's even possible and what damage, if any, it would do to a car's engine. 5 ounces of Sea Foam to each quart of crankcase oil for all 4-cycle gasoline, rotary, and diesel engines. I use a mini borescope camera to look into the engine and see how dirty the engine is before the fuel treatment and then after the fuel treatment. Knowing about Seafoam, we topped off the small gas tank with a can of Seafoam (over kill on the mix I suppose, but it worked wonders). I started the engine up and instantly got a tick or nock that seemed to be coming from the valvetrain. many of you are familiar with seafoam, some have no idea what it is. I got home and unplugged the brake 26 May 2018 When cleaning a gasoline or diesel fuel system, it's safe to add more Sea Foam cleaning solvency to fuel. Some oil additives may work perfectly to derail the factors that can cause lifter noise. Hello, I have used Seafoam many times in the past, but that was a different engine. It is made by the same company that makes Sea Foam it is a aerosol can called Deep Creep. Love seafoam Use it on every small engine I own. 201811. I recommend it. I wish there was a way (or is there?) to know approximately how many miles the engines actually have. Therefore, stabilization and engine fogging are needed when vehicles, lawnmowers, snow blowers, outboard motors, chainsaws, motorcycles, gas in cans and engines are put into storage. I use it clean out my carb with a drip system cleaner. It can break free larger chunks of crap that can do more damage in the engine. There are 1000's of additives on the market and I'm sure all bus owners together have used them all. seafoam engine damageApr 25, 2017 In this video, I remove the cylinder head before Seafoam treatment to determine carbon buildup amount and then after Seafoam to determine if  Seafoam--can't believe what it did to my engine!! - YouTube www. But I forgot to put any two cycle or oil in the gas. Im not promoting SeaFoam-But it is a Petroleum based product and will mix with your oil and not cause any damage in that sense. The Sea Foam Motor Tune Up is an extremely versatile liquid. Here's how to use Sea Foam Motor Treatment the right May 26, 2018 When storing, fog and protect all types of carburetor and fuel-injection engines. This seafoam helps to keep the fuel from breaking down and and prvents the ethonal from bonding the things it shouldn't. I would like to know if there is a real difference in using these two products for fuel treatment on my new engine. So it won't cause any long term damage to seals, injectors or cats? I'm still debating using this stuff. Please elaborate on how Seafoam or anything added to the oil in the crankcase will improve how the engine runs. e. Re: Seafoam and alcohol in gas Generally speaking, Sea Foam is good stuff. I own a 2001 corolla S ATM. Additional: Sea Foam is made from highly-refined petroleum and cannot cause harm to an engine. At their suggestion, I have used it in all of my equipment for engines that use straight gas and for the ones that use a gas/oil mix. Petroleum-based, safe to use on coated parts and oxygen 26. 7L engine. it had weird idle it would go up and down from about 800-1500 or so just up and down idle, then I started to put the Seafoam Seafoam motor treatment is one of the most trusted treatments of the engine. Seafoam removes carbon buildup in the engine but can also foul plugs and O2 sensors, your cat and other sensors. For this, you would run the engine until it runs out of fuel. com/youtube?q=seafoam+engine+damage&v=Ed6kYGQyEh8 Aug 26, 2018 Seafoam engine flush i have heard alot of stories but after what it did to engine then see the results before and after can seafoam damage or  How to add Sea Foam Motor Treatment to Gas and Diesel seafoamsales. You'll be adding the Seafoam directly to the oil in your vehicle. However pouring too much can hydrolock the engine and cause damage. Just long enough to get through it's system, it will start puffing out white exhaust smoke when it's through it. While it can free up gunk, one could use an additive such as Seafoam before the change over. shut it down and let it sit over night. Did I overdo the seafoam? The guy @ Advance Auto said it was a multiple cylinder misfire code. Aug. 09. Let it flood out. This can lead to corrosion on cylinder walls, pistons, rings, and valves. youtube. i would not recommend pouring a room temperature liquid into 200+ degree oil after the car is hot. The heatwave has finally broken so I am going to try it again tomorrow. I agree with Johncarlos. If your cleaning the fuel system, change the plugs after use, if your cleaning the oil system, change the filter and oil after use, Trans is the same after cleaning replace the filter and fluid, the engine in my Jeep is a year old due to a Fram oil filter, and the new one gets cleaned at every tune up with Seafoam. If you want to clean up the bottom end of an engine, follow the factory recommended oil grades and change intervals. My question is, are there any issues in treating the engine with Seafoam with the mileage as high as it is, and not knowing much of the service history prior to us owning it? Don't want to end up causing any damage to the thing. One advantage getting it at only 34k miles, I'll know how the maintenance has been done almost from the beginning. I use the SeaFoam as a cleaner by running it in via the brake booster vac line. Tonight I bought a can and 5qt of mobil 1 and decided to run Seafoam before changing oil, I put 1/3 through the oil cap, and then I started my car up with the vacuum hose or w/e undone. I tried your suggestions and appreciate them. If you push that lever toward the engine and hold it down, it will kill the engine, in case you do seafoam it and it keeps running on. A short while ago, the engine management light came on and I didn't know why. If you’ve ever looked for the best way to add years of life to your lawn equipment, prevent marine engine corrosion or safely store your classic car, you’ve heard of the STA-BIL® Brand. Sea Foam Spray is the same great Sea Foam only in aerosol spray instead of liquid form. Please note though that if you use Seafoam in your engine oil, you'll have to almost immediately change your oil. well, for all those that are interested, seafoam is multipurpose, 100% petroleum product you can pick up at any local auto store (napa, advance, autozone, etc). Unless your draining 2 quarts of oil and adding 2 quarts of Seafoam I dont see an issue its not thinning your oil that much. Well summer isn't over yet but I would like to post an update to my trial. With supportable arguments, based on some sort of science or at least demonstrable repeatable facts. 5 ounces of Seafoam for every quart of oil. a can of seafoam is 16 ounces, so for simplicity's sake, we'll add half a can directly into the ENGINE OIL spout. I recently used seafoam on a 8 year old engine in the oil as a cleaner and I could not be happier! If you have a neglected engine with varnish, etc in the crankcase, yeah, Seafoam in the crankcase will get the varnish and sludge out. Hydrolock (a shorthand notation for hydrostatic lock) is an abnormal condition of any device which is designed to compress a gas by mechanically restraining it; most commonly the reciprocating internal combustion engine, the case this article refers to unless otherwise noted. It’s a terribly designed engine in that when the water pump shaft seal goes (as they are prone to do), the leak dumps coolant into the crankcase and fouls the oil. it is used to clean carbon buildup from your engine, clean your It is a LOT stronger than Sea Foam. Cleaners like SeaFoam can damage your cat's and O2 sensors if over-used. Radiators How to Tell if a Radiator Is Clogged. 9 with that many miles on it is "so gummed up that internal deposits are holding it together and thus seafoam will hurt it", that seams really far fetched. Continue reading. Seafoam is not crud, and it has been around longer than the Mercury or Yamaha decarbon products. Actually, I've never had a fuel additive cause problems and never have seen it happen. A clogged radiator can lead to engine damage if it is not fixed promptly. Moral of the story is don't use seafoam on an ecoboost engine. Not to the concentration of sucking a pint of water in gently through the PCV hose. Sea Foam® is not a chemical engine flush and therefore, it will not damage internal engine components or plug the oil pick up screen. Re: how to seafoam your engine. 2009 · When the engine light is flashing it means you are doing harm to the catalictic convertors which are very expense for those truck and have a chance of plugging up …This page of the asos1. 010) and p If oil is changed on schedule, you shouldn't have to flush the engine. Thanks for any advice, I appreciate it very much! Follow the directions on the bottle and you wont damage your engine. 11 Aug 2015 Sea Foam is one of those products that has almost legendary status among mechanics. The Berryman B-12 Chemtool Carburetor/Fuel Treatment and Injector Cleaner is a state of the art product that uses the Berryman exclusive HEST or “High Energy The only ones to really, really worry about are the ones where the check engine light flashes. Turn engine off Step three. How does seafoam affect O2 sensors if it's causing all the crap to blow out the exhaust? THe Seafoam knocked loose a ton of sludge and clogged up my oil pump pickup tube. Sea Foam is a pure petroleum blend with no chemical additives and is safe for long term cleaning or short term pre-service cleaning. At least that is what I have read. net/Basic-Engi Basic Engine Building DVD - Chapter 49: Valve Lash Adjustment You should have done this Cleaned the engine out well. This procedure has to be done properly or it can cause engine damage. ask. The engine was ran and circulated the oil. The Damage, in painful details The effects hydrostatic locking can have on your powerplant depend on the state of the engine at the time the water enters the combustion chamber. Sound is still there and now my engine really sounds like a diesel engine. If you won’t completely use up a tank or container of fuel in 30 days, make sure you add 1 (one) ounce of Sea Foam per gallon when you add fresh fuel to the tank/container. . Remember when I was running the pure Seafoam I was with NO load. Warm up engine. I forgot where I read this but it stated that if your plugs are at the point of being replaced you should consider replacing them after you have used this treatment. It has an easy to use container, and its petroleum-based ingredients will not damage your diesel engine. My friend said save your money, just buy Seafoam brand. So, picking up on another thread, I'm considering using Seafoam Motor Cleaner in my 2000 R1100 RT with +- 85k. or the car's knock or other sensors altered some setting to adapt to the seafoam. I had to pull the pan and clean out 3 inches of sludge from the bottom of the pan. I don’t want to damage my engine. Marvel Mystery Oil helps unleash maximum power and performance while extending engine life. I touched base regarding the engine noise with a longtime friend and Dodge technician on the east coast. Insert the tube into the mouth of the SeaFoam can and it will suck it out of the can. The solution is burnt up in the combustion process. Nice fast way to break up sludge and remove it. New oil and filter, changed fuel filter again and it runs and starts pretty good. The clicking sound may be from the valve lifters sticking, or not pumping up. Apr. I think the timing of the fuel pump failure and the use of the seafoam might be related. i asked a bunch of questions. as you recall, we have half a can of seafoam left. Insert a funnel into the end of the hose and fill the funnel with the Seafoam. The water droplets change to steam in the engine and 'blast' the carbon off of parts but if the dislodged carbon is large it can cause damage to an exhaust valve, turbo charger and the steam can cause rapid failure of the converter. Used correctly, it can be helpful for certain engine conditions, but used incorrectly it can cost you a carb clean, or at worst, a motor. Seafoam is actually a lubricant in and of itself and there has been many stories of people putting in seafoam in the tank of gas without mixing in oil for the 2 stroke (Doh!!!) and actually not having any damage done because the sea foam acted as a lubricant. Amon1089 It seems it would work, but, if it cleans the intake of a petrol engine it must be a solvent hydrocarbon preparation. 9 litre truck engine. On my car 1995 Mercedes c220 I need to take off lots of air intake plastic and 2 different sensors that the seafoam might damage. SeaFoam is a detergent, and it's hard on a 2-stroke engine. Let it suck it in slowly. If you want the best fuel system cleaner then buy some Chevron Techron it’s the best fuel system cleaner on the market. I just got some an added a little to my oil and gas. Seafoam can also be used by pouring small amounts into the cylinders while changing the spark plugs. did i damage my motor with seafoam???? If it has good compression in all cylinders , then check the spark with a spark tester or with a inductive timing light on the different plug wires to make sure it is not dropping spark at the problem RPM. But then again. Hopefully these images weren’t too disturbing for you. But to say that a 1. The modern good brand engine oils have all additive and detergents it needs. I've even seen engine teardowns with little damage after 400,000 miles. Start engine. It doesn't cause damage. Step six. Make sure that you don't pour the water in too fast! Water doesn't compress and if you pour too much water in, severe engine damage can result! White smoke from the exhaust is normal. You are going to have to remove all plugs or injectors and crank the engine until it is spit out, depending on the manifold you may have to remove the intake to get it all cleaned out as you can cause serious engine damage if you don't!!!!, liked cracked pistons or heads from the hydraulic effect. You won't have to pour the SeaFoam into the vacuum line. Rislone and Marvel Mystery Oil, instead offer things like "quieter lifters," "reduced oil burning" and a "cleaner engine. For engine equipment used regularly, add 1 (one) ounce of Sea Foam per gallon to a fresh tank fill every 3 months or sooner. seafoam engine damage Its main function is getting the carbon out of an engine and it works great on 2 strokes and old 4 strokes that have been around for years or abused. If used correctly and no more then once a year you will be fine. SeaFoam is implicated in anecdotal reports (i. first make sure your engine is hot enought, unplug spark plug and take out sparks out, spray seafoam trough spark hole let it for 5-10 minutes suck out seafoam using modified vacuum cleaner and see the result put back everything rev your engine for a while to make sure no seafoam leave test run the car. Useful thing to know when your engine shutoff valve gets old and starts sticking on. März 201725. Hope you How To Use Sea Foam On The Top-End. You can de-carbon an old car engine by shooting straight water into the carb until is stalls. The concern is what this or other additives do to your engine other than removing the 'harmful' deposits. If an unit But in reality Techron is good stuff as well as Seafoam. Remedial action Repairing a stuck valve can be done without removing the cylinder from the engine. The engine is running perfectly. You are spraying a combustable petroleum product into an engine that will burn it in addition to the fuel being supplied by the injectors. Usually no more than 20 ml is recommended per cylinder. When used in this manner, Seafoam will re-liquify old fuel and deposits, clearing out the carburetor bowl and jets in the process. You may have to increase the idle to keep it running once she gets loaded with the Seafoam. First off everything was successful with no damage to the car, car is a 97' VR6 NA with 80,000 miles on the clock, higher mileage and abused/neglected engines will see more gains from this. , unverified, episodic; non-controlled circumstances) of engine/component damage. Developed in the 1950’s, it quickly became one of the industry’s leading cleaning solvents. Has anyone experienced engine damage from doing I plugged the holes, soaked some Seafoam in there for a few hours, then drained and flushed it out and let it dry. Back to Converters : Davis Recycling Incorporated. I've used seafoam for years on older cars with great sucess, and used it for the first time on a a Sporty last years! It will throw a few engine codes, as it burns of the O2 sensors get confussed, so you will have to re-set once you have done. 26 May 2018 Add 1 to 1. This is where you’ll find a typical chorus feature. NOTE: i recommend pouring the seafoam into your oil when the car is cold. Pump in cleaning solution in oil filter port at 42 PSI and vacuum it out the pan. Keeping your gas fresh, properly treating it with a fuel stabilizer, or buying strictly ethanol-free fuel, is as important as that regular oil change every year. All bodywork, accident damage, paint, dent/ding, total loss questions BELONG in r/Autobody In this video I explain the top 5 reasons an automobile engine is damaged. Another option to protect small engines is to completely drain the engines of all fuel. May 26, 2018 our tech experts help you with the most common, time-tested recommendations for using Sea Foam products in gas and diesel fuel systems, May 26, 2018 For routine fuel system (gas tank to engine) maintenance, one can of Sea Foam Motor Treatment treats up to 16 gallons of gas or diesel fuel. That way most of the gunk will end up in the old oil. Any oil left in the engine and the seafoam too are coming out of the oil drain plug opening and the oil filter housing opening so have a pan under both locations. For you doubters of the damage Seafoam can do to an engine, below is my edited (for spelling), first person Seafoam experience (i. So the question becomes, is it worth it to try seafoam as a temporary and possibly less effective solution? A pinging noise on acceleration is a symptom of pre-ignition. I think it might be a bad lifter because of dirty oil (not sludge). Go to a Parts store that will let you read and clear the codes and continue to drive the car and see if the check engine light comes back on. Sea Foam or Barymans can be used threw a vacuum line to remove excessive carbon. Does seafoam work, YES. I purchased my 2006 Nissan Xterra on 10/27/11 trading in my late wife's Mazda MPV (reluctantly, I might add). Don't be a baby and slowly feed the stuff in. Then start the car. Fuel Stabilizer-For storage up to 12 months, add one bottle for every 20 gallons. Engine oil is an engineered product and its performance may be impaired by supplemental additives. If you let it suck up fast the engine will be all wet inside. Seafoam works fine when poured into tanks. You get to decide if it works. 5 liter Jetta by coasting it backwards (due to be front parked in a parking space on a hill) and using second gear and popping the clutch! The high revving is normal and means your enricher is working. Seafoam will help to dislodge and re-liquify these buildups so that they can be filtered out and removed. But engines don't run well with water in the fuel. So there you have it, ethanol damage up close and personal. It really can't damage the engine. I know I for one am not going to take my engine apart "just" to clean the carbon deposits. " Most of these products are made up of solvents and detergents designed to dissolve sludge and carbon deposits inside your engine sothey can be flushed or burned out. Seafoam treatment is not going to help your smoking problem. e. And its totally safe for every engine. Is it safe to drive car around town till I get it evaluated, or is there risk of causing damage to engine by doing so? After a treatment of seafoam for my 01, the mpg did go up and it had a little better acceleration. When you seafoam your engine you want to run the cleaner where it can pass through your manifold before it goes into the engine. last thing you wanna do is shock your valve springs. Work it through until you have used all the Seafoam, then shut the car off. There’s a lot of misconception out there about products like Seafoam, so let’s start with clarifying the purpose for the product, why you’ll want to use it, and how it’s used. Let the vacuum do the work. Start the engine to run the cleaning solvent through the injectors and let it run until the solvent is exhausted in about five minutes and the engine shuts down. Seafoam in oil for lifter noise? fan of Seafoam except as a last resort. Run the engine for about 10 minutes to allow most of the old fuel to leave the carburetor. I have a 23 year old ecotic V6 4. Search the world's information, including webpages, images, videos and more. Seafoam is a solvent and thus broke apart a chunk of something which then traveled to the rocker arm and plugged the very very very tiny little hole that allows oil to pass through it. I repeated the flush twice on both sides and at the end of the second flush I had clear liquid coming out so I knew the engine was clear. Release slowly the vice grip or needle nose plier and meter the Seafoam into the engine. I've done the treatment 2 times in the past 10 years. Any damage of a decarb method without any seafoam etc. It's also a good way of finding exaust leaks if you have one. Helped smooth the idle in a couple of trucks of mine and a friend's. This is a discussion on Using Seafoam in oil and gas within the F150 Ecoboost Chat forums, part of the F150 Ecoboost Forum category; Originally Posted by ptown The real life results for tens of thousands of other automobile owners makes it hard to believe your claims . To use Seafoam, you add some to the gas, some to the oil and the rest into the intake manifold. Years ago unscrupulous car dealers would put a castor oil concoction into the crankcase to make it quit smoking. And if it is only in there for a short time, then I would think the risk of long term damage is slight. : NOT a 9 Jun 2011 I plan to seafoam the car to help my numbers and pass the test. Found the PCV line and did 2 seperate treatments. The Additives will damage the Wet Clutch. Read the instruction. As in possible engine damage. AutoRx carries a higher recommendation. Ratios for induction cleaning devices can be as high as 50% Sea Foam to fuel. It kind of freaked me out to think of running anything other than motor oil thru my engine except Lucas oil satbilizer or seafoam to see if it helps to lubricate the top end better. I do it to my 3g eclipse all the time and I smoke out the entire shop. If the equipment is dirty enough that cleaning the engine would be beneficial, there is a high probability of dislodging pieces big enough to plug oil galleys and damage bearing surfaces. Seafoam makes alot of claims but for the most part it is just a kerosene based cleaner. Not made for speed, but the torque output is quite good for a little 4. i have finally decided to get off my lazy butt and write a tutorial on how to seafoam your car. Seafoam (in my book) is an Additive. I guess letting carbon build up without cleaning it out would be worse than any possibility of seafoam hurting the engine. For routine crankcase cleaning, add Sea Foam to your engine's oil (into the oil What does The Garage think about Seafoam? Can Seafoam damage an engine, especially a high-mileage one? As for Seafoam, I've done it a few times to the same Sea Foam Motor Treatment used in Crankcase Oil All Gasoline and Diesel, Rotary style engines Sea Foam Motor Treatment is a Blended Petroleum Product, NOT A CHEMICAL and is widely used as an old oil residue reducer and moisture drier in any oil crankcase. How to Seafoam your engine the RIGHT way:. com/youtube?q=seafoam+engine+damage&v=agAWXnT4-EQ Mar 11, 2017 Does SeaFoam actually work in a vehicle? The ultimate test---a 30-year old truck with noisy lifters and horrible oil pressure! This engine sounds  Seafoam results i cant believe what it done to my engine - YouTube www. That's why your revs are high

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